2017 Fees

2017 Fees

As a co-curricular program, Performance Music relies almost entirely on student fees to fund the various aspects of the program, including but not limited to:

  • Faculty remuneration and Administrative overheads
  • Purchase, maintenance and repair of large musical instruments
  • Purchase of sheet music and teaching resources

The willing support of all student families by prompt payment of fees is very much appreciated and contributes to the smooth operation of the program.

Membership Options

Two forms of membership are available for 2017:

Performance Music Membership
$300.00 per term

*Students who wish to study 2 instruments in different cohorts (e.g. Saxophone and Drums) can choose to do so as follows:
4 lessons per instrument per term (total 8 lessons per term – no surcharge), or
8 lessons per instrument per term (total 16 lessons per term – $240.00 per term surcharge

^Students who choose not to participate in any ensembles for the term will receive an extra Specialist Tuition lesson (total 9 per term) in lieu.

Ensembles Only
$180.00 per term

Family Discount

Students enrolling from the same immediate family qualify for a $30.00 per term discount for each student.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Students enrolled in either membership will have access to the following during the course of their enrolment:

  • Student Music Journal: provided every semester
  • Rondofile Music Folder: provided on first enrolment, replacement at no cost every 12 months (if deemed necessary by the Program Coordinator)
  • MyMusicStaff: full access
  • SmartMusic: full access as per the Free Plan
  • Sheet music provided for use in a Small Ensemble or Large Ensemble

The following items are excluded from both memberships:

  • Supply of musical instruments
  • Method books, solo repertoire and other sheet music resources recommended for Specialist Tuition.
  • Accessories for Instrument maintenance
  • Bus fees or other costs associated with attending a scheduled event outside of school, unless noted otherwise for a specific event.
  • Any other items/costs not specifically outlined as included in a given membership.