Cohort Workshops

Cohort Workshops

Recognising the advantages of both one-on-one and group-based learning, beginning in 2017 students will be able to participate in weekly Cohort Workshops between 8:00-8:45am on the day that the cohort’s respective Specialist Tutor is at the school:

  • Monday: Guitar (Mr James)
  • Tuesday: Percussion (Mr Payne)
  • Wednesday: Piano (Mrs Ackerman)
  • Thursday: Brass (Mr Meyer), Woodwind (Mr Reid)
  • Friday: Voice (Ms Lord)

Comparatively informal in nature, Cohort Workshops allow  students and teachers to cover topics that are not always able to be addressed in Specialist Tuition and/or are better suited to group-based settings, for e.g:

  • Warmup techniques
  • Instrument maintenance and/or repair
  • Development of specific musical styles
  • Masterclass-style performance and feedback

Cohort Workshops also provide opportunities for students across different year levels to observe each other’s progress, to collaborate on specific projects and help one another develop as musicians.

Cohort Workshops are available to all enrolled Performance Music students, with attendance optional (see also Policies section 2.1, 2.2) .

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