2017 Policies

Current as of 01/03/2017 (most recent updates in red)

Enrolment in Performance Music is conditional on acceptance of the following policies. Kingscliff High School reserves the right to amend/update this policy without notice.

Any questions that may arise in regards to these can be directed to the Program Coordinator and/or Head Teacher CAPA.

1. Enrolment, Cancellation, Payments, Refunds

  1. Students enrolled in Performance Music program are expected to commit for the full school year. Part-year withdrawals have a significant impact on Ensemble standards and operating budgets; any such withdrawals are discouraged except when exceptional circumstances are involved (e.g. leaving Kingscliff High School).
  2. If a student must withdraw from any or all aspects of Performance Music, written advice must be provided by the parent/caregiver to the Program Coordinator before the end of the current school term.
  3. Fees are charged by Kingscliff High School on a per-term basis, with full payment required by 3:00 pm on the final day of each term. Kingscliff High School reserves the right to suspend enrolment for the upcoming term until fees for the previous term(s) are paid. Any experiencing financial hardship can seek alternative arrangements with the Head Teacher CAPA on a case-by-case basis.
  4. All pre-paid fees are non-refundable, unless special exemption is granted by the Head Teacher CAPA.

2. Attendance, Make-Up Lessons

  1. Student attendance is recorded at all Specialist Tuition lessons, Cohort Workshops, Small/Large Ensemble rehearsals and performances. Any absences (Cohort Workshops excepted) must be explained in writing by the parent/caregiver by the next scheduled lesson/rehearsal (e.g. illness, bereavement, etc.) to the relevant Teacher/Director.
  2. Classroom homework and/or school assessment items are not considered acceptable reasons for absence from Specialist Tuition lessons, Ensemble rehearsals and performances. Any absence in connection with such must be discussed with the relevant Teacher/Director at least 12 hours before the affected event (see also item 4).
  3. Students with two or more unexplained absences will receive a written warning sent to their parent/caregiver. Continued unexplained absence may result in the student being excluded from participation in Performance Music for the rest of the school year, with any prepaid fees forfeited.
  4. Any absence from a scheduled Specialist Tuition lesson must be advised by the parent/caregiver via the online portal no later than 12 hours before the scheduled lesson time; Teachers reserve the right to declare the lesson forfeited if such notice is not provided. In the event that such notice is provided, a Make-Up lesson will be scheduled at the earliest possible opportunity; in most cases, this will be during the same term. 
  5. Students are responsible for arriving on time at scheduled lessons. Teachers are not obligated to locate students who are absent without explanation, or to provide a full 30-minute lesson if the student arrives late.

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