SmartMusic is a fully web-based interactive practice tool that provides students with immediate feedback to help them improve as musicians.

In addition to a wide variety of technical and musical exercise material, students can also access most (if not all) of the repertoire assigned to their Ensemble(s); allowing them to practice (and record) along with full-ensemble playback of the work in question, with SmartMusic providing instant feedback on their pitch and rhythm.

Additional tools allow them to rehearse certain sections of their part in a loop, full tempo adjustment, etc. SmartMusic is almost (*almost*) like having the student’s teacher right there with them as they practice.

SmartMusic can be used on any PC/Mac using the Chrome browser, or can be downloaded as an app on iPads. At present, SmartMusic is providing the majority of its functions for free.

All students are strongly encouraged to use SmartMusic in their personal practice. We will be training them on how to use SmartMusic to that end. To create a free SmartMusic account:

  1. Install the Google Chrome browser (if not already installed):
  2. Visit to create the account
  3. Start exploring!

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